Gryphon Cafe in Wayne – Great Coffee Shop No Too Far From Norristown

There was a time when coffee was just a rite of passage to waking up in the morning.  The alarm went off and you chugged down some hot brown caffeinated swill to get your batteries charged.  Coffee was about as pleasurable as changing a fluorescent bulb. You went through the motions, your senses lit up for a while, then the whole experience just burned out.


Now coffee seems so cool. There are tons of ‘regular’ coffees from more nations than the U.N. to choose from. In addition to your ‘normal’ cup o’ Joe, you’ve go plenty of specialties like mochas, lattes, macchiatos, espressos, etc.   There are so many coffee options that I usually have to medicate against attention deficit disorder just so I can make a decision before the store closes.

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So, let’s reminisce. Back in the day I used to watch the show “Friends” You know, Jennifer Aniston and all that hubbub.   From time to time the characters would meet in this coffee shop called something like Urban Perk or Cafe Perk, or Perk Up My Ears, or Perk The Car Please or Let’s Go to The Perk or My God, I Got a Perking Ticket or something with “Perk” in it… the name eludes me but it but the cafe looked so cozy and fun.  They had giant cups and saucers that reminded me of something from Alice and Wonderland or Paul Bunyan or something that could hold an orca. There was also billowy, cozy couches and chairs to sit in while chatting and slamming down java.    It was way cooler looking than the Starbucks I have near me in Norristown.  Now, I have nothing against Starbucks but their stores really aren’t much fun.  Hospital hallways are more comfortable looking that most Starbucks.  Ever go over to Suburban Mercy hospital in East Norriton to relax? I didn’t think so.   Anyway, so where is there a place reasonably near Norristown that is a cool, cozy coffee shop?  Well, there are actually a few of then but I’ll just focus on Gryphon’s Cafe in Wayne, PA for this post.


 Art at Gryphons Cafe WayneThe Look


I love all the wood they use in this place. The furniture, while wooden, is quite comfortable. The wooden floors and colors of the walls makes the place feel cozy. The pictures on the walls by local artists (and for sale) give the place some pizzaz.


 The Food


I’m not a world class food reviewer so I won’t get too crazy on this but the sandwiches are pretty good and they have some decent salads. Be sure to ask about the soups too.  As I walked out recently I noticed some great looking bean dish and a bisque that a couple was eating.  Since I didn’t have any, I can’t say for sure if it tasted good but it looked good and they looked happy. I almost threw my head in that guys bowl and started slurping, that’s how appetizing (and cute) the scene looked.


The Coffee


I enjoyed my coffee.  Full bodied and strong.   It was cool too that most of their cups and saucers look very unique and don’t match.  Each cup has a whole new visual thing going on, if you’re into aesthetics and coffee that is :-)



They  have some live music and open mic nights so check out their website.


Free Wifi


Yep free Wifi internet


The Location


105 West Lancaster Ave Wayne, PA 19087



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