Great Coffee Bakery and Spices – Tabora in Lansdale

True coffee shop lovers love comfortable, independent coffee shops.  I’ve mentioned before that while Starbucks are as common as fleas on mange, they always seem to miss the point. They aren’t cozy at all.  Starbucks has the all the coziness of a bomb shelter corridor and their overpriced food really isn’t very good either.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Starbucks hater.  The service is generally very good and Starbucks has introduced cafes to areas that never had them before.  With that in mind, every so often I find a great coffee house not far from Norristown (or at least kinda not far) and want to mention it to you in case you are yearning for a higher coffee experience.

What makes a great coffee house?  I look for comfortable, independent, with some sort of twist that sets it apart from the big chain places (live music, great art, etc)


Which brings me to Tabora Farm and Orchard in Lansdale, PA.  Is this really a farm and Orchard? Nah, at least not at this location. Tabora Farm and Orchard in Lansdale is a coffee house that serves up all your coffee varieties, baked goods and plenty of herbs and spices.


The store has a ton of simply delicious, fresh baked goods.  Much better than other coffee shops. I picked up a blueberry roll during one stop and just loved it.  During another trip I bought a couple of nut bars (pictured) and just loved them too. My mouth was in such heaven I quit kissing as I knew such intimacy could never live up to such great flavor.  OK, I’m kidding, I gave up kissing because I’m too damn ugly, but that’s another story.  The food is great though.Nut Bars and Coffee at Tabora


I haven’t tried their coffee varieties, just their regular Tabora brand coffee.  Great stuff. Smooth, full bodied with much less bitterness than other coffees. A pleasure to drink.


The leather seating is comfortable and cozy but with plenty of space.


 I love the woody decor that gives the place a rustic, yet still modern feel.  The front of the store (along Main Street) is my favorite spot.  This corner store has huge windows that allow for people and trLeather Seating and Spices at Taboraaffic watching along Main Street, yet the interior’s dark paint and wood keeps the inside of Tabora from being too illuminated like a Kentucky Fried Chicken during a supernova. Tabora keeps it shaded and laid back inside.


The Spices!  Almost forgot!  OK, honestly, I know as much about herbs and spices as Gandhi does about thermonuclear warfare, however, Tabora has tons of herbs and spices for sale (also pictured).   Be sure to check out their huge selection.


Where is It?


Tabora Farm and Orchard is located in downtown Lansdale, PA. Interested in learning more about this part of town? Check out my Lansdale review on Things To Do Near Norristown right here.

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Still Want Some Great Coffee but in a Different Location?

OK…. so my review of Tabora Farms wasn’t enough.  You are hurting for drinking some great coffee in a hip coffee shop located somewhere, anywhere in the area.  Have you been to Wayne, PA?  If you think you’ll be out there check out my review of a great little coffee shop right on Lancaster Ave.


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  1. I agree with you. True coffee shop lovers love comfortable,independent coffee shops. And I am a true coffee shop lover. In fact, what I love isn’t the coffee but the atmosphere in the coffee shop. I’m an editor. When I need read or write something or meet somebody, I’d rather choose a place like a coffee shop than in my living room. The quiet light and coziness of a coffee shop always help me think deeply.

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