A Little Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Rick  Boy you must really want to be bored to tears by wanting to learn a bit about me.  Well, hereYour Editor Overlooking Things to Do In Norristown :-) it goes!   I’m a single, butt-ugly guy that likes to go around and terrorize my neighbors, especially those with anxieties or general heart conditions. Children hate me and my friends, if I actually had any, wish they never knew me.

Overall though, I’m budding with charisma and my psychologist says any day now the Montgomery County Courthouse will release me from public supervision.

So…. what do you think?

Hopefully you are still here.  I’m kidding on just about everything I just said, especially the part about charisma.

I have lived in Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks Counties and if I learned anything besides how to endure a lot of abuse and self loathing from others, it is how enjoy life and pass the time with fun things to do.  I really love Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and hope to give you an idea of some cool things for you to explore in Montco and the surrounding area.

Keep checking back to ThingsToDoNearNorristown.com for some fun stuff to do.  This site is a work in progress and will probably take a couple months do get it full stocked with great, low cost ideas and laid out exactly right. Keep checking back.

If you have suggestions or want to get in touch, I accept all emails from friendly people :-)   currently at Rick@ThingsToDoNearNorristown.Com

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Fun Things to Do In Near and (not too) Far From Norristown

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